BUY - Why should you buy your bike from The Czar?
  • Superior Quality: Our bikes have a soul and are superior in quality to comparably priced mass merchant bikes.
  • Better investment: BC bikes are collectible & thus hold their value, often times appreciating over time. Supporting Local Business: Bicycle Czar is a locally owned Sonoma County business. Don't export your hard earned dollars to a prison labor camp in a repressive foreign regime. Keep your money local!
  • Reducing Planetary Stress: Consuming existing quality goods is better for everyone. Go green by voting with your green.
  • Better Service: We want you to be on the right bike for your body, budget, and lifestyle. Our 20 years of industry experience is an excellent resource for assessing your cycling needs.

SELL - Why should you sell your bike to us?
  • We help clutter flow out of your life and money flow into your life.
  • We honor old bikes and treat them with respect. Even if your bike is beyond repair, we will harvest & revitalize all useable parts. We use everything possible!
  • We add tremendous value to everything we get, so we can afford to pay more for your used bicycle goods than anyone.
  • We require a valid photo ID with everything we buy to maintain order in the used bicycle world. (3 day holding period required for all incoming bicycles for assessment).
  • Donations are also accepted & greatly appreciated.
  • Local, in-person purchases so we may assess condition. Purchases out of the area and involving shipping are considered on a case-by-case basis.

TRADE - Did you know you can trade your bike in for a new one?

Bicycle Czar is honored to partner with the TREK Store Santa Rosa to usher in the era of responsible retail with our historic cash for klunkerz program. Now you can trade in your used bicycles & parts towards the purchase of new bicycles & parts in a way that encourages local consumption, financial responsibility & environmental awareness.